If you have read any of my other posts,  you may have picked up that I am a HUGE fan of lists. So, with semester 2 well underway, I thought what better time than now to compile a bucket list of fresher activities for all my first-year readers. 

  1. Get plagued by freshers flu Okay, so by no means am I encouraging you to go around licking door handles in the gen library, but let’s be honest here, falling violently ill is a universal experience for almost every first year.  If you’re in the halls of residence, there’s almost no way you can escape it, so why not just embrace it! Have a rest, get a covid test, and don’t make the mistake of buying overpriced throat spray at the pharmacy in Kate Edgar like I did!
  2. Feng shui your room Having a brand new room is one of the most exciting parts of living in the Halls, so make the most of it by adding your own personal touches. In first year, I stayed at Grafton Hall; the rooms here are the biggest on campus and arguably the best! Each of my hall mates had a unique room with the addition of either a mini fridge, couch, or beanbag – essentially, you can spice up your room in any way you like…within reason.. of course…
  3. Show up to an 8AM lecture after a Wednesday night out Unfortunately, I was unable to tick this off my list last year (because I cannot for the life of me wake up before 9am) but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! I had plenty of friends who managed this, and if anything, it can be your motivation to get up even if you are feeling a little bit sluggish after a big night in Bar 101. 
  4. Learn how to reference For some reason, to this day, I still get confused about referencing; if you look at my google history, my most frequent search is most likely ‘how to APA reference at UOA ’.  But referencing is going to be super crucial throughout your university degree, so why not just master the art of it in first year – it will save you a LOT of stress later down the line. 
  5. Make it onto your halls confession page (…for the right reasons though haha)  
  6. Ask at least one question in a lecture I’m going to be honest here, I never asked a question in first year lectures due to the sheer number of students in each of my classes. But I really wish I had because your professors are your most VITAL resource. Trust me, I know it can feel daunting, but if you don’t understand something, it only takes 3 seconds of courage to get up and approach your professor after the lecture is over!
  7. Don’t forget to call your mum! I called my mum every-day in first year… I know that’s a bit excessive, but it’s nice to have a taste of home once in a while! She probably misses you so don’t forget your roots haha!
  8. Spend a night in Kate Edgar Commons This building is open 24/7, so it’s the perfect place to crack out last-minute assignments or cram in some revision! Since I was out in Grafton, Kate Edgar was a bit far away for me. Even though I didn’t pull an all-nighter here, I did manage to get locked in the population health building twice – not sure if that’s something I should be proud of, but hey, it’s a good story!
  9. Have a conversation with a new person that doesn’t start with ‘where you from?’ or ‘what do you study?’ I don’t know how many people asked me these two questions in my first year, but please, spice up your life, and keep things interesting.
  10. REMEMBER TO PASS Even though the social aspects of university are important (they will form some of your best memories), let’s not lose sight of the main reason you’re at uni; which is to get a degree! Make time for studying and revision, and give everything your best shot!

That’s all from me for now! Talk soon 🙂