Can you believe it?!

I did not actually spend all my time as a first-year university student studying?!

Yeah, that’s right! I actually took part in some extracurriculars throughout this year. I went to so many events, some at the university and some not.
Here are some of the activities I attended in my first year as a university student.

WiHN – Money Talks

Growing up, investing was the thing that many people told me to leave to the boys, and whenever I tried to do any research, there would be so much jargon that would confuse me. This talk changed that. It was the stepping stone to investing I believe any interested person needs. Simran Kaur, one of the duo from the popular Girls that Invest podcast, started the event, followed by the owner and founder of Hatch Invest, a New Zealand investing platform, Kirsten Lunman. The glitter-loving Tracy Hemingway, aka DebtFreeDiva, and Sue Stewart from Medical Financial Advisory Services were also speaking and giving valuable advice that would benefit any young person.



This talk was helpful, and I highly recommend it! Check out Women in Health Network on their Instagram page:



Chiasma NZ – Synapse 2022


This event was held by Chiasma NZ, a University of Auckland student-led organisation that connects university students to high-tech industries. There were many booths from high-tech companies for this event, and they scouted for interns from the STEM sector. Speakers for this event included Professor Juliet Gerrard, the NZ Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, and Dr Will Barker, the CEO of Mint Innovation.

Dr Will talked about his journey into the STEM sector and his company Mint Innovation which aims to and has successfully recovered metal from urban waste. Professor Juliet Gerrard took a different approach and talked about her journey to how she became the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor; her comedic timing and jokes were perfect for the event!

Check out Chiasma NZ on their Instagram page:

Volunteering at Grafton Hospital

On Sundays, I volunteer at the Grafton Hospital with my sister! The Grafton Hospital Chaplaincy needs people to transport patients from their rooms to the chapel for Sunday Mass. This has impacted my life more than I initially expected. The patients I have met have been so kind, especially the elderly patients who are always excited to talk to us.

Here’s a photo of my sister and me outside the Grafton Hospital Chaplaincy!

Union of Malaysian Students in Auckland (UMSA) Carnival

The crowd for this carnival was so big that I was separated from my sister and friends several times! The event started at 10:00 a.m, but people began queuing at 9:00 a.m, and all the food was gone by 11:00 a.m. I reached the venue around 11:30 a.m, so I sadly could not get any food. But, I learnt how to play congkak and batu seremban (traditional Malaysian games) and enjoyed the performances!


UMSA Battle Mou?

This club event was enjoyable, from dancing to PSY’s New Face to doing 25 pushups as fast as I could. The event was jam-packed with games with references to my childhood. I made new friends, and I had lots of fun!

This event is one of many that UMSA has throughout the year! Anyone can join, and the membership comes with many benefits too! Free Gong Cha upsize, vouchers to Burger Fuel, Sal’s, and so much more!

Check out UMSA on their Instagram page:

Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy – Ballroom & Latin American Dance Lessons

Organised by a fourth-year medical student, Niel Kulkarni, this event was one of the most memorable activities I participated in this year! Niel is an ex-Australasian Competitive Ballroom and Latin American Dancing Title Holder. He is holding these classes for fundraising as he plans to go to Lisbon, Portugal, for World Youth Day 2023!

As someone without experience in dancing, the classes were easy, fun and highly enjoyable.
If you would want to check out ACTC’s Instagram page:


Badminton at The Sports Centre


One of the perks of living in university accommodation is the accessible entrance to the University Sports Centre! My friends and I have been scheduling weekly badminton sessions for stress relief and as breaks from our daily 6-hour sitting marathons!
A lot of the equipment such as volleyballs, badminton rackets, nets and shuttlecocks, basketballs, and so much more are all provided. All my friends and I had to do was show up (with appropriate clothing, obviously!) and present our ID cards.
If you are heading to UoA’s Sports Centre to shoot some hoops or smash some shuttlecocks with your friends, remember to check the Sports Centre’s Timetable availability so that you will not clash with any events that may be taking place on the day!

The link to the timetable is

I hope you enjoyed reading about some events I attended throughout my first year! The academic year is ending, and exams are around the corner, so I do not think I will be attending any more events! I look forward to attending more events in the 2023 academic year, though! Ta-ta for now!