Some say he’s born with it, others say it’s years of rigorous and personally demanding training. Hi, I’m Tim Evans and I… study a creative degree. Yes, I admit it! I spend my days holed up in dark rooms obsessing over the newest wave radical music theories and saying “you wouldn’t understand” to anyone who dares challenge my superior creative mind…

Okay, obviously I don’t do that (I had you worried there, I’m sure) and neither does anyone else I know. But I did wonder if life at university would be like that when I arrived in Auckland. Truly, it is the exact opposite. Studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music conjoint, I get the best of both worlds of creative expression and critical challenges. Every day brings a new challenge, but there are a few staples in my routine.

Usually, you can find me in one of the music buildings on campus. I often have some form of technical music assignment alongside the creative challenges set by my lecturers. Across both sides of my degree, I get my fair share of work which pushes me beyond my comfort zone. Between classes, I spend time with other music students and we laugh about anything and everything. Sometimes we attend masterclasses and workshops together to watch the best of the best. If all goes well, that will be us in a few years time. By the day’s end, I will invariably have covered elements of history, technology, theory, and creativity.

In most ways, it isn’t much different to any STEM degree your mum may be pushing you into – To all the mum’s out there, I promise that your child is capable of greatness and a successful life whatever they study at uni. The smaller culture of my faculty allows for so much mentorship between some incredible staff and students, which helps us make the most of their world class skill. On top of this, we prioritise versatility and personality when it comes to our studies, with much of my study in both fields relying on me to have opinions which I can defend. Instead of spending my day rote learning the body systems (shoutout to my clinical pathway students, I admire you from afar), I learn to think on my feet and be critical of the world around me.

So, should you be like me? I say why not! Even if you choose to study a creative conjoint, like I did, you will amaze yourself with how your studies complement each other. The way a creative pathway stimulates the mind is unmatched and is so fulfilling when you have a breakthrough. Whether you want to be the world’s next best hip hop dancer or you just loved music in high school and want to experience it more, I urge you to consider choosing that creative option when you have it. You’ll amaze yourself with what it might bring.

Break a leg whānau!

Tim Evans (he/they)