Hi everyone, Kerryn here with another blog post! Today, I thought I would do something a little different.

Still working on my poetry skills of course, but here’s what I’ve got! A little poetic post in memoir of this wonderful year.

In the heart of Auckland, young minds bloom
Living life under the sun’s warm noon
Lush green trees bring our home to life
A land where wisdom and friendship thrive.

Standing under the Clocktower’s grace
The University campus, a most lively place
A melody of banter, both young and old
Chasing dreams and stories yet to be told.

Loud laughter in the Student Quad shops
Where students gather, the joy doesn’t stop
In the Hall elevators, a comedy to behold
Each floor their own chapter, a story to be told.

The General Library, a maze with a quest
A labyrinth where the wise are put to test
Lost among the books, the seeker’s plight
A mystery unraveled, the giants standing bright.

The raindrops dance on streets below
To west and east the students go
Through sun and storm, they learn and grow
Each raindrop a lesson, a path to follow.

Mismatched socks, the Hall laundry jest
A sock collection that never rests
As one’s tale of the washing machine’s thrill
Is but a stone on life’s quirky hill.

Through busy streets and parks they roam
UoA students find their home
In campus corners, secrets hide
A world of laughter, with knowledge to guide.

So, here’s to the University, where stories entwine
All over the campus, where dreams combine
A journey of laughter, a quest for truth
The University of Auckland, the homeland of youth.

Hopefully I can get a few more posts out before the year is up. Have an awesome rest of Semester Two – and good luck with exams!

~ Kerryn