Welcome back to Part 2. of the blog that makes you feel forever alone. Not sure about you guys but I really enjoyed Couple 1’s sweet answers and Single 1’s sassy remarks. If you haven’t read it yet, check them out here.

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Song that I enjoyed while putting this blog together: Let’s Fall in Love for the Night – FINNEAS 

Couple that met during University:

How did you guys meet?
Meet on Tantan, and I asked her to meet at a KBBQ restaurant for dinner and boba afterwards.

Tips for using dating apps?

B: “Have a bio that everyone can start a conversation with, and don’t swipe on everyone”

T: “Even though there are stereotypes of dating apps, just give it try as the apps do work”

Date ideas for during uni?
Grabbing lunch at munchie mart in-between classes

Favourite date spots?
At the beginning of the relationship, we would go to mini golf courses across Auckland as it was fun and competitive. We also went to late night lookouts.

How do you guys make time for each other during busy periods?
During exams, we prioritise university study and postpone all dates till we feel comfortable and less stressed to hang.

How to find balance – family, friends, partner, extra-curriculars, work, academics
B: “Allocate one day for your friends, and one day for your SO. Do not neglect your friends because they were there before your partner.”

T: “Focus on academics and be ahead so that you have extra days and time to meet your friends, family and partner.

How was COVID for you?

B: “During COVID-19, it gave us a break that was needed as we saw each other every day, it was nice to have our own space from time to time”.

Plans for after graduation? (Is T is graduating soon? One in university and one working?)

T: “Will be working full time after university, while B continues to study for her degree. Don’t know how it will go in terms of balancing out, but I’ll make it work somehow.

Tips for singles?

B: “As cliché as it sounds, you need it work on yourself and love yourself before entering a relationship”

T: “Fake the confidence if you are a nervous person like me”

Tips for couples?

B: “Knowing boundaries, clear communication but it is also important to listen and understand one another as it is useless in repeating something for them to do the same thing again

Favourite thing about each other?

T: “Her smile or when she laughs”

B: “He tries to make me laugh even though I have never laughed at his jokes since we started dating”.

Pet peeves?

T: “When I pick her up and arrive at her house while she’s still getting ready”

B: “When T doesn’t wipe the floor after he showers”

Single (a friend thought this was me so disclaimer, not me!):

Describe your relationship status:

Describe your idea partner (maybe we can find someone in the comments for you):
No, someone playful but reliable and caring, a good listener and look like Park Hyun Sik hehehh, but someone that loves and respects me 😊.

What do you value most in a relationship?
Mutuality, where each party is willing to invest the same amount of love and effort in this relationship (but wouldn’t mind if he loves me more :333)

How would you want someone to ask you out?
Just ask directly and don’t be shy about it.

Red flags?
Rude, clingy, possessive.

How are you finding the single life at UoA?
I wouldn’t say it constitutes a big part of my life as I feel that I can receive the same amount of love and attention from my friends although there are definitely times where I wondered what my life would be like if I wasn’t single, but I am still content with everything I have.

Do you think UoA is a good place to find a partner?
It’s dependent on multiple factors including your degree, your personality, how active you are in terms of co-curricular activities, but overall, I think it’s quite difficult to find “the one” in uni just because sometimes people just stay within their own friend group and are not willing to meet new people.

Best thing about being single during university?
You can put all your effort into your schoolwork and also you will be hearing a lot of your friends’ relationship issues, in which will become great experiences for you to learn from.

Worst thing about being single?
When you watch kdramas all you can do is cry over the scenes/ fantasise.

Tips for other singles?
Don’t rush, have faith that the right one will eventually come to you.

Tips for high school students entering university.
Join as many co-curricular activities as possible (not just to find a partner lol although it would be a bonus) as it will be very beneficial to your socialising skills and CV, as well as meeting friends outside your course. Focus on improving yourself, not for others.

Do you believe in love?
Yes love comes in all kinds, can be from family, friends or even your pets. So just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you are not being loved, and most certainly, do not neglect the ones loving you right not just because they are not your partner ya.

Do you believe in the one/soul mates?
For sure, although I still fear that one day that will change

Do you want to get married/have kids?
Yes, I love fat babies

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed these answers and your inner gossipy aunt is satisfied (don’t worry, me too). The key takeaway I got from this Q&A, and for those of you curious about the dynamic of uni/UoA and relationships, is that every couple is different and that there isn’t much influence that UoA itself has on relationships. If you have any questions, drop them down below and I can pass it onto these couples/singles.

Until next time,