Oolala… Is she going to share some juicy details today?

Unfortunately for you, my relationship (or lack thereof? idk 😉), is about as juicy as bread, so I’ve brought in some of my friends to spill all the metaphorical tea on relationships at UoA. Because they’re my friends it’s all in a pretty casual/social media-esque tones.

(Song I enjoyed while reading: Breathe Your Name – Pomplamoose.)

Couple that started dating while in high school:

How did you guys meet?

Q: Through a game called league of legends, what a beautiful game.

T: In the fields of justice. I ganked him from behind.

Secret to a long-lasting relationship?

Q: You gotta learn how to adapt and understanding one another.

T: Communication is key. You should be there for each other and bring out the best in one another. Eat food.

Date ideas for during uni:

Q: Dates in the science centre- do work/study together can’t get any worse than that.

T: Meet up in between lectures, grab some lunch in new food spots. Skip lectures to eat food. Skip lectures to sleep in.

Favourite date spots?

Q: Cafe’s – getting a drink. Home sweet home. Watch a movie in the cinemas when a mean movie comes out.

T: Netflix and chill at home. Jokes but not really. We’re total home bodies. The only times we go out is to eat. Unless we’re travelling, then we go hard. Other than that, we go find new places to eat around the CBD.

How do you guys make time for each other during busy period?

Q: Cram all my work and then I have time. Life is hard for a biomedical student. I see her on a daily cuz we live together.

T: Tbh if he asks me to do something, I’d prob drop everything I’m doing and go to him. Mostly because I have crap time management and I’d rather spend time with him than watch lectures/ study.

How to find balance- family, friends, partner, extra-curricular, work, academics?

Q: I am a GPA slave. Get the work done quickly and then deal with the girl no time for anything else. Oh, and make time for the Boyz. Give yourself a day off in the weekend.

T: I don’t, I’m struggling. I work 20 hours a week – the grinds are real. I have to sacrifice my sleep and mental health to get through it all. Sadlyf.

Plans after graduation?

Q: Get a job and then spend time with family.

T: Get as much work experience as possible and finish getting all my qualifications while he’s still in uni. Travel somewhere new once a year.

How did you find the transition from dating in high school to uni?

Q: The transition was alright. We got more time to meet up and chill. It’s all about the chilling.

T: We went to different high schools so we could never meet up. We also had to bus everywhere. Now I see him every day. But we’re definitely a lot busier.

How is it living together?

Q: hmm could be worse *slapped* ah Good bonding time you know

T: He’s either the best person to be around or the most annoying idiot on the planet. No in between. The first year defs gave me a harsh wakeup call on what it’s like to be an adult and having to do everything for yourself. But I’m glad I have him to help me get through it. I think we make a great team.

Tips and tricks for living together?

Q: Yo don’t get on her bad side.  Tbh we’re weird. No-one else is going to be like us. Gotta learn how to cook. Gotta learn how to manage your time.

T: Gotta share the responsibilities e.g. if I cook one day, he’ll do the dishes. I do the vacuuming; he takes down the trash. Spend time together but also have time to ourselves. It’s all about having good balance.

Tips for singles?

Q: Yo stay single just be like (mutual friend’s name), gets the job done.

T: Don’t date a (mutual friend’s full name). Date someone who values your worth and won’t waste your time. Stop going for players ladies. Similarly guys, there’s some crazy girls out there. Try to take a hint when she’s not interested. (Please, on behalf of all the ladies out there)

Tips for couples?

Q: Try to move together and see if you guys can adapt otherwise uh.

T: I think every couple is different, what works for us defs won’t work for others. Take your time to figure it out together.

Tips for high school students entering university?

Q: Stay on top of your work. Don’t fall behind. Don’t be like me but sometimes u gotta cram.

T: If you fall behind, you’re beyond screwed. don’t even think about going to bar101. U need to eat at sensational chicken at least once. Don’t even @ me.

Favourite thing about each other

Q: Everything. She cooks okay food I cook good food so I can compensate for her weakness chur. *sings* “you’re beautiful its true”. Very understanding very nice very wonderful very cool very swag I like it.

T: He’s always willing to help others out without asking for anything in return. He’s an e-girl who only plays support – but he’s actually a really good support – irl.

Do you believe in soulmates?

Q: Nah I just think you have to find someone who’s a good match. Soul mates seems like a girl thing

T: I kinda fangirl about other people or like couples in TV shows, but ya it’s a bit cringe if I think about it.

Any challenges you’ve faced? How did you overcome them?

Q: Making time to cook, it’s rough. Bought an air fryer. Prep food during the weekend. Doing something fun- NZ is boring can’t do much. So, we go travelling around the world when we can.

T: According to my friends I’m an independent person who’s very dependent on him. So, I’m trying to be less dependent on him but it’s hard when we’re always together and he’s the only other person in the house I can annoy. hehe. sorry not sorry

Single (LGBT):

Why are you single:
Not everything in life is about relationships – studying, setting goals, getting a career are just a few things which are things to be more focused on

Describe your relationship status:

Have you been in a relationship before?
In the traditional sense, no.

Describe your idea partner:
Rich, funny, can hold a conversation, nice, kind, caring, tall

How would you want someone to ask you out?
In person and one on one

Red flags?
When they never message you first, when they make you pay.

How are you finding the single life at UoA?
Good because I can focus on getting A+’s

Has someone caught your eye recently ?

Best thing about being single?
Not having to stress about making someone happy all the time

Best thing about being single during university?
One less thing to worry about, assignments are already enough.

Do you have any experience with dating apps? If so, how did that go?
Yes, it’s a modern way of meeting people now. Society has changed and so has how we meet our potential partners

Tips for other singles?
If it comes, it comes. it is what it is. Live life. the right one will come across your path one day

If you still haven’t had your fix, I’m happy to say there’s a Part 2 (since this blog is already extremely long). It features a couple that met during university and also another singles perspective. Check it out here!

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