The Inside Word 2018

Why I Didn’t Attempt Biomed

I have never been the kind of person who knew exactly what she wanted to do for a career. As a young girl, I went through many phases such as wanting to be a teacher, a dentist, a costume designer… the most memorable being BRAIN SURGEON (which still gets brought up...

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A Good Couple of Weeks

As we all know, uni is a lot of work and is often quite stressful. A lot of us have found that as we creep closer and closer to exam season, we are getting more tired, constantly reading and re-reading essential materials and then collapsing mid-afternoon from...

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Add a Language to your Degree

The semester is really starting to ramp up again with assignment deadlines nearing and exams just over the horizon! It's a super busy time, and you start seeing people less and less as they lock themselves away to finish that assignment that was handed out four...

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