The Inside Word 2018

Queer on Campus

Starting university is probably one of the few times in your life you get the chance to have a fresh start and just be yourself. It’s also a chance to explore who you are in a safe and supportive environment. I went to a religious high school in a small...

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Back We Go

One week down, just eleven more to go til the year is over! 😱 A new semester means new classes. This semester I'm taking another four classes: French 204, Stats 108, Business 102 and Economics 151. The latter three are compulsory 'core' classes for a BCom. Stats...

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The Dog Days

For most of us, the move to university entails moving to a region and with it, comes moving away from the family and people that we have known and loved for years. As I have previously mentioned, this is new, it’s exciting, it’s inspiring. In fact, many of us...

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Looking Up and Looking Down

Hello friends, the last few weeks have been quite the turbulent ones, both literally and figuratively. You may remember from my last post I talked about the importance of chilling out and taking it easy over the exam period. Now this was followed by an...

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