Looking Up and Looking Down

Hello friends, the last few weeks have been quite the turbulent ones, both literally and figuratively. You may remember from my last post I talked about the importance of chilling out and taking it easy over the exam period. Now this was followed by an...

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One Semester Down

It was about this time last year, when I was Year 13 at High School, that I began to think about how I couldn’t wait to leave. I felt like I had outgrown school and was ready for University. Trust me there is nothing wrong with feeling like this. A lot of year 13’s...

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GOODBYE Semester One!!

Semester break is finally here! GOODBYE SEMESTER ONE! No longer am I stressing nor staying up until 4am in the morning... those days are gone - hallelujah! The feeling of freedom feels so good; almost too good to be true. It felt like I had been trapped in exam...

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